Company Profile

A Journey to Wellness

After a health event, Founder & CEO Julie often drove along the California Coast to savor the sunshine, fresh air and wide beaches. On one trip, she found herself on Zuma Beach in the breezy city of Malibu, and instantly felt a connection with the natural beauty and serenity around her. It was in Malibu that Julie was introduced to coconut as a powerful, healing food, and felt it shift her back towards wellness. Inspired to share the wonders of coconut with others, Julie’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged as the idea that would soon blossom into Zuma Valley® took root.

From the sunny palm lined shores of the Philippines to the breezy blue California Coast, the spirit of Zuma Valley stretches far beyond the borders of any one place. To fuel your everyday lifestyle from the inside out, Zuma Valley™ brings you the nourishing gifts of wild harvested coconut that make smart snacking on-the-go a breeze, and encourage cooking creativity in the kitchen. Our passion to put Coconut in Everything™ is rooted in a purpose to make coconut convenient, clean and uniquely craveable.

Founded in the sun-kissed city of Malibu, Zuma Valley® coconut foods are a blissful blend of tropical flavor and invigorating, whole fruit functionality. Our premium products feature 100% pure ingredients and are vegan, paleo, keto-friendly, gluten, soy and dairy free, Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified.

A quest for the world’s finest coconut led founder and CEO, Julie Labin, across several continents, meeting dozens of multi-generation coconut farmers and exchanging appreciation for the land and the community. It was in the Philippines where she fell in love with the purity of wild harvested coconut, sustainably gathered from the island shores and untouched by chemicals and pesticides. Today, we proudly share the memorable flavor and unmatched texture of wild-harvested coconut with friends and customers across the nation.

Since the launch of Zuma Valley in 2015, the company’s line of frozen pure coconut ingredients has become a staple behind the scenes of Southern California’s most popular juice bars. The brand’s reputation for consistently excellent bulk foodservice products prompted retailers to request a smaller retail version of the company’s premium Organic Young Coconut Meat and Coconut Cream for use in use in your home kitchen every day. Consumer response to these convenient, professional quality ingredients was so overwhelming that it sparked a new era of retail innovation for Zuma Valley®. Shoppers can now find ready –to-use, pre-portioned packs of Zuma Valley Frozen Young Coconut and Frozen Coconut Cream in the frozen fruit aisle.

In 2016, Zuma Valley® launched its first flavor of moist and chewy Coconut Balls, travel-friendly, nutrient dense snacks featuring wild harvested coconut blended with Philippine Carabao mango. An instant hit with local customers, distribution of Zuma Valley® Coconut Balls went nationwide in its first year. The next flavor of Coconut Balls—Pineapple, from The Philippines Golden Highlands variety soon followed. In Summer 2019, a new duo of irresistibly tart and tangy flavors will hit the shelves: Green Mango and Passion Fruit. Thoughtfully portioned and packaged in a resealable pouch, Zuma Valley snacks are ready to go where you go—we can’t wait for you to take us with you.