Glowing Greens Smoothie

Did you know that you can substitute our Young Coconut Meat for banana in any smoothie? It’s a great way to thicken your smoothie and add fiber and potassium. Try our Glowing Greens smoothie before a workout! It provides fast energy without weighing you down.  Read more →

Strawberry Colada Smoothie

Strawberry Colada Smoothie- featuring Zuma Valley Organic Young Coconut Meat! This smoothie is simple and so refreshing! Did you know that you can substitute Zuma Valley Coconut Meat for banana in your smoothie to get the same creamy texture with 1/6 the amount of sugar? ⠀ Coconut based. Low glycemic. Rich in Potassium & MCTs.   Read more →

Coconut Yogurt

Make your own vegan yogurt at home with Zuma Valley Organic Young Coconut Meat!  High in fiber, rich in MCTs, full of potassium, and absolutely delicious!   Read more →

Coconut Pineapple Rice

Zuma Valley Organic Young Coconut Meat is the perfect vegan addition to every dish! Substitute our Tender Young Coconut Meat for tofu in any recipe to get a tasty boost of potassium and fiber. You have got to try this Coconut Pineapple Rice!   Read more →

Coconut Vegan Ceviche

Vegan Ceviche with Tender Young Coconut Meat! This dish is sure to please a crowd. Make sure to save this recipe for a sunny day! It’s healthy, refreshing, and the perfect appetizer to wow your friends. Or make a big batch and bring it for lunch during the work week.    Mmmm look at all those beautiful, fresh colors! We love… Read more →

Coconut Berry Cherry Smoothie

Coconut Smoothie with Cherries & Blueberries- featuring Zuma Valley Tender Young Coconut Meat and Zuma Valley Cold-Pressed Coconut Cream! This smoothie is healthy and satisfying! Packed full of fresh fruits and sure to make you smile! Coconut based. Low glycemic. Rich in Potassium & MCTs. Read more →